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Here's what some wonderful couples have to say about me! 

Janie & Brendan (Gruff/Captain)


Febuary 2015



“Eryn officiated our wedding at the start of this year.  Hands down, Eryn was the reason our ceremony was perfect. It was us, not a structured pre-written script that had no meaning to us. She incorporated our views, values, quirkiness, humour and personality and it was just absolutely perfect...


Eryn's laid-back but professional approach goes above and beyond to ensure that she understands you as a couple. She possesses a unique gift to translate this understanding into a beautiful, fun and meaningful ceremony.”



Photo Credit:  Laura Ridley Photography



Marla & Buckie

January 2016

Kiwburn Festival - Hunterville




"Eryn helped us to make our day even more special, she is an amazing person! She was a great help in the organization stages and our day was super special and stress-free. She instigated the perfect ending for a festival wedding - a group hug!"



Photo Credit: Rob & Krissy from Team Tangent 



Sophie & Matt

February, 2017




"Eryn will have every last guest captivated from the beginning, even your conservative grandma!  She is a truly gifted and genuine individual that brings the perfect balance of laughter and tears to any ceremony. She has an amazing energy, a great sense of humour and is a true professional that can ease the mind of any stressed out bride. Because of Eryn we were able to have our uniquely beautiful ceremony delivered by a beautiful celebrant. Thank you Eryn, you are one in a million!


Photo Credit: Tom Teutenberg



Archie & Nathan

March 2017



"We heard about what a great celebrant Eryn is through word of mouth. So we knew we had to book her. Eryn was incredibly supportive, she was helpful, patient, and her guidance was vital. Eryn was always organised, she had so many ideas and examples to inspire us to create our own unique vows, which we absolutely love. Thanks to Eryn our ceremony was the highlight of the night, she helped us create something that we will cherish forever. We would recommend Eryn to anyone, if you're looking for someone who inspires and shows off your love for each other, Eryn's the one."

Photo by: Tony McKay Weddings


"Eryn made our day 'us', from the jokes and references to Heavy Metal bands to the more sensitive elements - she summed us up. Warm and approachable, easy-going and present. Our guests kept asking where we found her and everyone just raved about our ceremony!"

*Please note - I was not the legal celebrant for this wedding but collaborated with the celebrant for a story, reading and other essential elements of the ceremony. 

Rosie & Rich


January 2016

Enumi & Blair
April 2017

"Eryn helped make our day so special and personal to us. The preparation was fun and she made it very easy. Our wedding went off without a hitch."



"On a day as important as your wedding day you want everything to be "just so," to have it the way you want it, right down to the finest details - Eryn worked with us to make this happen. She brought with her an enthusiasm, a vibrancy, and a quirkiness that enhanced our event. Even though we had to make a lot of the arrangements at the very last minute, Eryn accommodated us, and rather than being a burden and another thing to worry about, she instead took over her area of organisation in a way that allowed us to focus squarely on the multitude of other things vying for our attentions. Most importantly she fulfilled her role with professionalism, and passion.


Lauren & Anton
June, 2017

Eryn understood how to marry our unique and contemporary needs with a decorum and reverence for the solemnity of the ceremony and institution of marriage. Likewise her humour and candour meant that when there were unexpected concerns (like rowdy attendees), she could deal with them in a way that flowed with the ceremony and added to the day. I would recommend Eryn to anyone who wants their wedding truly tailored to their needs, and wants a celebrant that will bend over backward to make their day the best it can be!"

Photo Credit: Kay Buchanan Photography

sophi and ben.jpg
Sophie and Ben
March, 2018

Eryn is amazing! When we thought we had everything sussed in the leadup to the wedding she saved the day by informing us about the tiny yet massively boring and hugely important details surrounding the marriage license and certification process, leading to us having the right documents when we needed, instead of embarrassingly having to sign a stained napkin and
pretend we were legally married. She also composed a heartfelt speech for the ceremony, dressed as ceremonially as we could possibly have hoped and led
proceedings with aplomb. Our parents were wooed, our guests were thrilled and garters were moistened left right and centre. I have been to countless dry, boring weddings and I’ve always asked myself “why is the role of celebrant always so drab and uninspired?”. Well I’ll tell you what, Eryn puts that tradition to bed with a hot mug of

Hootie-Patudi and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Book her now, you won’t regret it!


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