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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with the all important paperwork? (The Marriage License)


You need to sort out the license at least 3 working days before you get married. Since they last for 3 months, I recommend getting it a bit earlier! 

Good news, you can now apply for your Marriage Licence online from anywhere in the world! Head along to as this is the easiest, fastest and safest way to do so!

  • Apart from your personal details, you will need to provide the following information:

    • The address of your ceremony venue (and also the address of a 2nd venue option in case of rain)

    • My full legal name (as celebrant) – ‘Eryn Hootie-Patudi Gribble’ (I’m not joking!)

    • If either of you were previously in a marriage or civil union, the date the dissolution or divorce order was sealed, or date of death.

    • Full names of your parents and your partner’s parents

      • all first, middle, and last names, and

      • all last names at their birth, if different.

  • You'll need to pay the fee, so having $150 in your account good to go!

  • The documentation will be emailed to the email address you specify. I recommend putting your address and forwarding on to me as soon as you get it (I'll make sure it's not forgotten on the day and check it all over)! 

How’s it all work and flow together/what’s the Order of Service?

Whether your ceremony is going to be “sweet and simple” or “wild and wacky” the order of service tends to flow together a bit like this (with personalized deviations of course!)

  • Procession

  • Celebrant Welcome/Opening Remarks

  • The Charge to the couple/or a reading

  • Exchange of Vow

  • Ring exchange

  • Pronouncement or declaring the couple wed (the kiss!)

  • Signing of the legal documents

  • Closing Remarks/blessing

  • The recessional


How long does a "normal" wedding service last?


15-35 minutes


Do you do LGBTQIA Weddings?


Totally! I identify as Pansexual so I’m all over it!


Do you do themed weddings?


I have a costume box that is rearing to go! Get in touch to discuss any of your wacky plans with me. I will dress to the wedding and ensure that I don’t clash with you or your wedding party!


You seem a bit out there? We want something a bit more classic - can you tone it down? Will you scare my Nana with your out-there hair and attitude?


It’s okay if I’m not the right celebrant for you! Shop around. I relate well to all kinds of people and am able to build rapport with a range of people. I offer an obligation free first meeting, so we can meet up and you can make up your own mind about me! Please be sure to check out my recommendations also.


What’s the damage? (What do you charge?)


My fee is $550 for a wedding within 40kms of my home in Wellington. I am happy to travel, but this will incur additional fee’s.


If you know someone that has special circumstances, please get in touch. We can chat - I’m in the business for the love-of-love not to get rich quick!


I require a (non-refundable) deposit of $200 to secure the booking.


I'm also a passionate Time Banker. For those that are a part of this awesome community I offer my services at a rate of 50% Time credits and 50% cold hard cash (


I also offer 50% off to Super Gold Card Holders (over 65's) - you are never to old to celebrate love and have a mean party!


How’d ya arrive at that figure?! (Can you please break-down the costs?)

A break down of my services (and skillz) is as follows:


  • Obligation free first meeting.

  • A second in-person meeting.

  • I’m a calming grounding force and I’m there to support you and make your day easy. I can be a rock!

  • You get access to my resources such as readings and ceremonies.

  • I’ll follow up with phone calls and emails to see how you are getting on and answer all your questions!

  • Public speaking is a valued skill. Not everyone can build a house and not everyone is comfortable getting up and speaking in front of strangers! You’d pay good money for a good builder….


“A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy!”

- Jerry Seinfeld


  • I’d normally be wearing ripped stockings and a plaid shirt. You probably don’t want that in your wedding photos. I’ve got a stash of lovely outfits and I will dress so that I don’t clash with you or your wedding party! I'll even 'put on a face' (read: makeup) for the service!

  • Ceremony design - I believe that your ceremony should be unique and reflect you. I will write this (with you!) and spend hours getting it just right and getting it just you.

  • Being there - I’ll turn up! I promise!

  • I’ll ensure that legal processes are followed and this wedding is “legit and legal”

  • If you are having a wedding rehearsal, I’ll be there! (Depending on the situation this could incur an extra fee -- to be discussed at first meeting!)


Can my kids, grandma, guinea pig be involved in the ceremony?


  • YES! It’s your limelight and you can have whoever you want in it!


How long do you stay at the wedding?


  • I’ll be there at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to ensure we are all good to go, and I’ll stay until everything is all sorted and the “i’s are dotted, and the x’s signed’, often I’ll hang about for a wee bit while you might be off getting your photo’s, to say hello to some of your guests and just check things are all good! Then I'll get on my merry-way to let you celebrate with your friends and whānau at the reception!

Can we write our own vows?

  • YES! I really encourage this, it helps to personalize the service and makes the mums cry. Your service should reflect you and your partners shared values and celebrate your love and friendship!

  • ….and no….. There is a legal requirement in New Zealand that requires couples getting married to say words to the effect of : “I…..Joe bloggs take you… Jane Doe to be my wife/husband”. So I’ll make sure that bit gets said and you can be creative with the rest!


Do we have to remember our vows?

  • Don’t worry about losing yourself in your lover's eyes and forgetting your vows, I can prompt you or we can do a  “repeat after me”  format if you would rather. You can also have cue-cards. If you get them to me - I'll hold them for ya.



We (or someone in the wedding party) has access issues


  • I am passionate about accessibility and inclusion for all people, lets chat about how we can make this event accessible.

Anything else - please holla! (Contact me!) 


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